2018 Workshops

Candle- and soap making for activity counsellors

More information about the workshops

Workshop Program

General information

Cost of course: 45 per person
per course, with a second person
permitted to participate free
of charge. Every subsequent
participant charged at 45.

Course day 1

10am to around 3:30pm

Course day 2

9am to around 12:45pm
We provide lunch on both course

One-on-one courses can also be arranged. Information regarding dates and costs is available on request.

Location and information

All workshops are presented at the address mentioned below. If you have questions about the course program, please contact:

Gildewerk b.v.
A. Hofmanweg 41
2031 BH Haarlem
Telefoon: +31(0)23 - 532 22 55
Fax: +31(0)23 - 534 09 65
E-mail: holland@gildewerk.com